Why Study Political Science and History?

The study of political life is an essential part of becoming a free person, and a proper education for citizens in American history and government is fundamental to the continued success of American constitutional government. In order to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, Americans must understand the principles upon which lasting self-government depends.

Political Science and History students at Ashland University learn how to read and think critically in a liberal arts curriculum with some of the finest faculty in the nation. The Department of History and Political Science is one of the best in the nation because of what is taught (that is, a curriculum emphasizing Western Civilization and the American Founding), how it is taught (conversationally with great books and original documents), and who is teaching.

During their four years at Ashland University, Political Science and History majors mature both in terms of character and intellectual capacity. They leave the program armed with the virtues and skills that will enable them to become successful public leaders, professionals, and private citizens.

The Ashbrook Scholar Program supplements the normal course of study in Political Science and History by emphasizing the need to put what students have learned into practice. This is promoted by the Ashbrook Center’s speaking events—featuring some the best known scholars and public figures in the nation—and through our internship and job placement programs.

Ashbrook Scholars majoring in Political Science or History at Ashland University have established themselves in a variety of important and exciting professional careers in the fields of public policy research, education, legal studies and law practice, governmental and administrative staff, and medicine. The practical experience that they gain through their courses, activities, events, and internships helps to foster this success, but it is ultimately the virtues of mind and character they develop during their time in the Ashbrook Scholar Program that contribute most to their high rate of success.