Thesis Defense Calendar

The following is a listing of the Ashbrook thesis defenses for the Spring 2021 semester. All defenses are open to the public and will be held in the Ashbrook Center unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, April 6

Scout Weber (advised by Rene Paddags)
Fashion for Women in American Politics: A Look at Their Experiences
(will be held in the Ronk Lecture Hall in Schar)

Friday, April 9

Cecelia Dillon (advised by Kenneth Brubaker)
Title TBA
(will be held on Zoom)

Kasey Siciliano (advised by Chris Burkett)
Natural Rights, Reason, and Non-Human Animals:  A Reexamination of Locke and Rousseau

Thursday, April 15

Joe Beaver (advised by Jason Stevens)
The 17th Amendment: Erosion in the Federal System

Makenna Graves (advised by Cara Rogers)
"A Wolf by the Ears”: An Examination of Jefferson’s Dedication to Natural Rights and his Actions Related to Slavery

Friday, April 16

Avaerie Fitzgerald (advised by David McCoy)
Losing Local Journalism: The Fight for Unbiased News in a Newly Converged Media Era

Kailyn Clarke (advised by Greg McBrayer)
Metropolis of Moderation: Education, Laws, and Leadership in Xenophon's Ideal Regime

Monday, April 19

Olivia Jacob (advised by John Moser)
Revolutionary Suicide: An Examination of Cult Life Through the Lens of Reverend Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ

Wednesday, April 21

Grey Johnston (advised by Jeff Sikkenga)
Prerogative in the Presidency: Does the Constitution Grant the President Prerogative Power?

Thursday, April 22

Thomas Hodsden (advised by Rene Paddags)
Title TBA

Friday, April 23

Matthew MacDonald (advised by Greg McBrayer)
Title TBA

Katlin Meek (advised by Jason Stevens)
The War of Roses: How the Nineteenth Amendment Fulfilled the Principles of the Declaration of Independence and Why it Took Over 100 Years to Come to Fruition

Joshua Jasmin (advised by Greg McBrayer)
Title TBA

Tuesday, April 27

Angel Sims (advised by John Moser)
The Revelation of Marriage as a Sacrament: A Historical Analysis of the Theology of a Sacramental Marriage

Wednesday, April 28

Sean Quigley (advised by Rene Paddags)
Foundings, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Aid: Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar

Connor Ingram (advised by Marc Hedrick)
The Media and the Police: The Role of the Media in American Society and How Media Coverage of Policing Impacts Public Relations and Police Work

Thursday, April 29

Scott Carlson (advised by )
The Character of the Polish Regime, Old and New

Friday, April 30

Schuyler Berger (advised by Russell Weaver)
From the Ashes

Jared Deeds (advised by Chris Burkett)
Hē Paideia Agathē: An Examination of Education in The Republic of Plato and Orwell's 1984

Monday, May 3

Kaitlyn Clark (advised by Cara Rogers)
The Polis on Mars: Creating our Community in the Stars

Tuesday, May 4

Nick Novotny (advised by Jason Stevens)
Prophets of Our Ancient Faith: Abraham Lincoln's Understanding of the Nature of the Constitution and the Union and How it is Shared by Henry Clay

Andrew Bailey (advised by David West)
The Necessity of the Soldier - An Examination of the Shift from Warrior to Soldier Culture

Mike Serrato (advised by Jeff Sikkenga)
Title TBA

Riley Rechnitzer (advised by Jeff Sikkenga)
The Call of Justice: The Supreme Court's Precedent Problem

Wednesday, May 5

James Metzger (advised by David West)
The Ideal Ancient Leader: A Comparison of Xenophon's Cyrus the Great to Livy's Hannibal and Scipio Africanus

Cameron Short (advised by Louis Mancha)
The Tripartite Government: An Analogy Between Plato’s Tripartite Soul and the Three Branches of Government in America

Thursday, May 6

Nathan Sims (advised by Jeff Sikkenga)
Title TBA

Faith Elert (advised by David West)
Deus et Res Publica: The Politics of the Christian God in Augustine, Machiavelli, and Nietzsche