Thesis Defense Calendar

The following is a listing of the Ashbrook thesis defenses for the Spring 2023 semester. All defenses are open to the public and will be held in the Ashbrook Center (Schar 204) unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, March 16

Adrianne Silva (advised by Greg McBrayer)
A Platonic Critique of the Glamorization of Serial Killers in Entertainment

Monday, April 3

Tyler Rice (advised by Chris Burkett)
The Making of American Statesmen: An Inquiry on the Life and Character of George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant

Tuesday, April 11

Tony Adams (advised by Chris Burkett)
Social Security: The Proposal of Old Age Insurance and the Opposition to Federal Retirement Benefits

Thursday, April 13

Ardith Amon (advised by Greg McBrayer)
Austen as an Aristotelian: Happiness and Virtue in Pride and Prejudice

Friday, April 14

Ryan Ortner (advised by David West)
Cicero's Republica: The Plan to Retake Rome

Friday, April 21

John Miller (advised by Ben Slomski)
Virtue of the Vice: An Examination of the Constitutional Lessons and Historical Transformation of the Vice Presidency

Monday, April 24

Gio Hutchings (advised by David Aune)
Christian Thought: A Challenge to Societal Beliefs Rooted in the Prosperity Gospel

Wednesday, April 26

Joshua Stickney (advised by Russell Weaver)
Heidegger and the Question of Authenticity: Is a Truly Authentic Existence Possible?

Thursday, April 27

E.J. McKay (advised by Greg McBrayer)
The Autonomous Utility of NATO as an Instrument of Peace

Friday, April 28

Bria Meisse (advised by Robert Wyllie)
Entrepreneurs of Happiness

Molly Given (advised by Jeffrey Sikkenga)
Can Reparations Help the United States of America Make Racial Progress? A Dialogue of American Race Theorists

Wednesday, May 3

Reina Britt (advised by Cara Rogers)
The Virtues of Republican Motherhood: How Can These Principles Alter Modern Activism?

Tasha Coleman (advised by Cara Rogers)
Likeness With Liberty: How the Immigrant is More American than the Natural-Born Citizen

Thursday, May 4

Tiffany Sims (advised by Christopher Burkett)
“From Blindness to Sight” – A Short Film’s Exploration of Difference and Fear of “The Other”

Friday, May 5

Ellie Richardson (advised by Russell Weaver)
The Laceration of a Dichotomy: Rationalism and Spirituality within Ivan Karamazov