Thesis Defense Calendar

The following is a listing of the Ashbrook thesis defenses for the Spring 2024 semester. All defenses are open to the public and will be held in the Ashbrook Center (Schar 204) unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, April 3

Bryn Sobas (advised by Greg McBrayer)
Title TBA

Alena Aguayo (advised by Jason Stevens)
Does Social Media Impact People’s Perception of the American Political Parties?

Monday, April 8

E. Wild (advised by David West)
The Malleability of Myths seen through Medusa: An Analysis of the Changes of Medusa from Ancient Greece to Rome

Wednesday, April 10

Ruth McCrea (advised by Chris Burkett)
Are the Old Arts Worth Retaining in Our Modern World of Efficiency?

Thursday, April 11

Emma Heim (advised by Craig Hovey)
Truth, Lies, and Moral Dilemmas: Navigating Augustine and Kierkegaard's Ethical Landscapes

Friday, April 12

Zachary Scher (advised by Cara Rogers Stevens)
Title TBA

Thursday, April 18

Anne Casey (advised by Robert Wyllie)
The Ethics of Shame: Cultural Epidemic or Moral Good?

Friday, April 19

Kenna Cline (advised by Greg McBrayer)
Is Self-Reflection Necessary for Conversions?: An Inquiry into the Conversions of Saint Augustine, C.S. Lewis, and Lee Strobel

Alexis Montalvo (advised by Cara Rogers Stevens)
Race in America: Will There Always Be a Racial Divide in the American Way?

Monday, April 22

Quinn Wright (advised by Robert Wyllie)
Regnum meum non est de hoc mundo: Pope Pius XI and the Kingship of Christ Against Political Extremism

Tuesday, April 23

Caleb Shriver (advised by Robert Wyllie)
Ancient and Modern Commercial Republics: If Ancient Commercial Republics Fail, Why Did They Influence the Founders?

Thursday, April 25

Noah Harshbarger (advised by Rene Paddags)
Why Disinformation is a Weapon Against Democracy: A Study into Russian Active Measures

Friday, April 26

Ethan Wolford (advised by Robert Wyllie)
Title TBA

Wednesday, May 1

Carolina Amparo (advised by Rene Paddags)
Chinese Grand Strategy and the Americas

Thursday, May 2

Kyle Doershuk (advised by Rene Paddags)
Democracy in the Middle East: A Tocquevillian Analysis for a Modern Time