A Serious Program for Serious Students

Ashbrook Scholar Program

Webinars for Prospective Students

Finding the right college can be overwhelming. You can major in political science or history at almost any school. But which school will give you the best education and the best chance of success after you graduate?

Ashland University is nationally recognized as one of the top schools for political science and history. Furthermore, by coming to Ashland, you have the opportunity to be an Ashbrook Scholar.

So what is it like to be an Ashbrook Scholar? Why not sample one of our classes by attending a webinar? Our webinars are conducted on the second Sunday of every month at 8:00pm ET. Each webinar is led by an Ashbrook professor who will lead a conversation on an important historical document or speech. The webinars are conducted using videoconferencing software that allows each attendee to participate in a real-time conversation with other interested students from across the country.

A schedule of webinars for 2019-20 follows. Register today!

September 8 – Topic: The Declaration of Independence with Chris Burkett and Jason Stevens

October 13 – Topic: Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom with Jason Stevens

November 10 – Topic: Federalist No. 51 with Chris Burkett

December 8 – Topic: Marbury v. Madison with Jason Stevens

January 12 – Topic: Gettysburg Address with Chris Burkett

February 9 – Topic: Douglass’s Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln with Chris Burkett

March 8 – Topic: Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address with Jason Stevens

April 5 – Topic: Brown v. Board of Education with Jason Stevens

May 10 – Topic: King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech with Chris Burkett and Jason Stevens