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Ashbrook Scholar Program

Ashbrook Scholars: In Their Own Words

Jackie Horn '15

Jackie Horn ’15

Jackie Horn ’15 – Waynesfield, OH

“Ashbrook courses focus on primary sources giving students a foundation of knowledge from which they can form opinions without the bias of secondhand information. Textbooks are avoided because it is hard to view history objectively when you begin with someone else’s opinion.”

“My favorite thing about Ashbrook is that the curriculum extends beyond the classroom and into the conversations I have with my friends at lunch and in the hallways with my professors.”

“The Ashbrook Center’s events have been an amazing supplement to my education; I have had the chance to meet celebrated authors, justices, public officials, and political commentators.”


Madeleine Emholtz '18

Madeleine Emholtz ’18

Madeleine Emholtz ’18 – Gulf Breeze, FL

“The private sessions with guest speakers are fun and very similar to the classroom environment of the program. The speakers don’t talk at us, they talk with us. We have a conversation with them. It’s a great experience.”

“I love the curriculum of the Ashbrook Scholar Program. The discussion method that the professors use for their classes is wonderful. They let me come to my own conclusions about what we are reading. We then discuss those ideas in class and the conversations we have really help me to refine my thoughts and understand the texts more deeply.”

“Living in Mishler House is fantastic. All of the freshmen Ashbrook Scholars become a family and look out for each other.”


Zac Hoffman '16

Zac Hoffman ’16

Zac Hoffman ’16 – West End, NC

“Having the opportunity to ask questions of individuals like Charles Krauthammer and Dr. Ben Carson, influential figures in modern politics, is immensely valuable to the students in the Ashbrook program. It allows us to apply what we learn in the classroom to the real world.”

“Living together in Mishler House allows for a great deal of camaraderie to blossom among the Ashbrook Scholars while also fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability that is integral to academic success.”

“The professors in the Ashbrook Scholar Program aren’t just instructors, they are mentors. They don’t just teach their students, they guide them and demonstrate how to apply the knowledge that we acquire in class to our lives. The professors make every effort that they can to ensure that their students excel.”